VHCS: Let’s Make a Deal

Bob Maswick introduces his favorite game show

The Viking Helmet Championship Series continues…

This past week, members of Peru Nordic gathered to compete in the Let’s Make a Deal Race.  Skiers skied two short laps before deciding whether to ski a 4 km lap for time, or take 15:00.  Then, skiers had to select the time prize from behind curtain #1, curtain #2 or curtain #3.


Jim Kobak had the fastest time on the day, but was unlucky by picking the “clunker” behind curtain #2 (adding half his age in seconds to his time).  This allowed Chris Rose to move into the top spot.  Rose picked curtain #1 which allowed him to subtract his age in seconds from his time.  Rose also carried a purse, and was able to produce a set of nail clippers, some lip gloss, one earring and a canadian dime when prompted by host, Monty Hall, for 30 bonus seconds.

There was an epic battle for third place, with Bailey, Moffett and Mitchell all finishing within a minute of each other.  Bailey picked curtain #3 which earned him as many bonus seconds as the last two digits of his home address, 83 huge seconds.

The LP Crew of Santor, Maswick and Ross had a much tougher course, and wound up finishing in the bottom of the group.  At least they got to take home a few parting gifts.

The VHCS continues this week with the Masters National Championship 10 km race in Craftsbury.  Skiers not attending that race can ski a 10 km course at MitcHELLbeiner or MVH… assuming the rain does not wash all the snow away.

name ski time purse+curtain bonus
Rose 0:21:29 -0:01:09 0:20:20
Kobak 0:21:15 0:00:20 0:21:35
Bailey 0:23:43 -0:01:23 0:22:20
Moffett 0:23:23 -0:00:31 0:22:52
Mitchell 0:24:40 -0:00:47 0:23:53
Santor 0:30:37 -0:00:23 0:30:14
Maswick 0:40:58 -0:01:25 0:39:33
Ross 0:40:36 0:00:32 0

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