Peru Nordic Finishes Wild Week

Kobak hammers at the Shen 10 Classic

First there was the DHMO scandal.  Early in the week, Charlie Mitchell admitted to using the performance-enhancing substance.  Then, during the Viking Helmet race on Wednesday, urinalysis results were positive for DHMO for THE ENTIRE FIELD!!!!

actual retail price $5.47

Undoubtedly, the use of DHMO enabled Steve Bailey to rocket to the Price is Right Race victory.  Skiers completed 3 x 2 km laps, and then had to bid on the total retail price of three items. Bailey blistered through the course on an incredibly cold (-6 f )and dark night, and still managed to hold off VHCS heavyweights like Mitchell, Kobak, Moffett and Rose.  Bailey’s shopping skills enabled him to come within $1.37 and added 97 seconds to his time.  Kobak was the closest to the actual retail price, only $0.60 from the combined value.

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On Saturday, a contingent of Peru Nordiques traveled to the Saratoga Biathlon Center for the Shenendehowa 10 km classic.  Jon Santor paced the Peru Nordic club, finishing 6th overall.  The incredibly tough field had less than a 90 second spread between first and 7th place.   The “Sanchize” was followed by Jim Kobak, Chris Rose, Steve Bailey and hard-charging rookie, Gordy “Gorgoroth of Gore” Santor, making his Peru Nordic racing debut.  Janet Findlay hammered out an impressive 2nd overall in the women’s field.   Despite the effort by the Peru Nordic men, they couldn’t break the Team HURT juggernaut.  Hurt Placed 4 skiers in the top 5, only Glenville Hills’ Eric Seyse was able to crack the HURT blockade.  During the race, Chris Rose, in podium position, broke a pole in the final 2 km, costing him dearly, “… when the pole broke, I knew I was out of it.  I kind of turned the motor off to save a little something for tomorrow’s Great Sacandaga Mini Marathon, hopefully HURT really wore themselves out today.”

Wynn makes it a five-peat!

On Sunday, the team traveled once again to the Saratoga Biathlon Club.  The day started with the announcement that Chris “Hellhound of Hades” Beattie had signed an agreement to ski with Peru Nordic.  “This is a huge free agent signing!” boomed GM/Uberczar Jim Kobak, “Beattie races a lot and always places well, plus, now that Stan Hatch has been modernized, someone had to take up the retro knickers and wool slack.”  The Great Sacandaga Mini Marathon featured a truly dominant performance for Mike Wynn.  Wynn won his world-record 5th Mini-Marathon in a row by over four minutes.  Wynn paced the Peru Nordic field who got some much-needed revenge over Team HURT after the beatdown from the day before.  The “Black Train of Pain” featuring Chris Rose, Jim Kobak, Jon Santor and Stan Hatch, utilized team tactics to break Team HURT early in the race.  “…after we launched Wynn, we protected his lead and worked together.  We attacked HURT hard and put a huge gap on them after the first 5 km.  Only MDH seemed to be able to dig deep enough to keep it close.” said an emphatic Chris Rose.  Rose had a fantastic day, after some quality pre-covery the night before, he was strong and charged hard on a course that suited him well.  His skate pole even survived a 65 mph thumping on the Adirondack Northway. Rose, Hatch and Santor each cracked the top 10.  Kobak hit the wall at about the 20 km point and limped into 11th place.  Janet Findlay finished 3rd overall in the women’s race.

Then, the Jets secured a spot in the AFC Championship Game by beating the Chargers 17-14


3 thoughts on “Peru Nordic Finishes Wild Week”

  1. My wife thought you 4 looked like a biker gang zipping around the race course yesterday in your “train of pain”….She got some good vids and pics of you guys that I’ll send along.

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