yo... the f'n JETS!
yo... the F'n JETS, baby!

Spurred by Peru Nordic’s effort in this week’s Perunordic.com Enormo Bowl, won by Janet Findlay, and at the Glens Falls Race, Masters race won by Mike Wynn, the New York Jets thumped the Cincinnati Bengals 24-14.

Jets fandemonium was running wild during warmup at Crandall Park

Mike Wynn blasted through the masters field at Crandall Park, which, although there were almost 500 high school racers on hand, was surprisingly thin on traffic during the race.  “I only had to bowl over a few women and some older guys today, and, I didn’t see one kid with shorts on over his tights.  I think we have reached a new era here at Cole’s Woods.”   Wynn led a resilient group of Peru Nordiques, who fought hard despite being severely undermanned. Jim Kobak, Chris Rose and Jon”the Sanchize” Santor all had good races.  Some surprising no-shows, including the Lord of Destruction, Colossus of Chaos and Distributor of Pain, really hurt the Peru Nordic effort as they try to claw back into contention in the NYSSRA club championship series.  “I’m disappointed, our team lost a lot of ground today, however, I fully expect the team to bring back the swagger in next weekends’ races at Saratoga Biathlon.” said general manager, Jim Kobak, in Rex Ryan-esque bravado. “We will hammer team HURT next weekend, and like the JETS, we should be favorites to win every weekend!”

Jets 24 Bengals 14

Then, the JETS went on to tame the Bengals!


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