Rose Builds on Gauntlet Momentum… Repeats as Tour de Ski Champion

Rose tastes sweet victory in the 2010 Tour de Ski!

On Friday, Chris Rose and Stan Hatch won the GAUNTLET.  This jump-started Rose into a big race at the Big Boulder Classic on Saturday.  Rose then followed up on Sunday by winning a grueling hillclimb finish in the Tour de Ski‘s final stage.  The stellar performances over the past three days guaranteed Rose his second Tour de Ski Cup, albeit by a mere 4 points.

Big Fun at Big Boulder!

The Big Boulder Classic at Tupper Lake was a mass-start event.  Team HURT’s Doug Diehl went off the front, pursued by Chris Rose and teammate, Jim Kobak.  Kobak, who was leading the tour de Ski at the time, lost a basket mid-way through the first of two 5 km laps.  Rose, noting that his teammate/rival was handicapped, attacked hard in an effort to reel in Diehl.  Although he couldn’t win the day, settling for second place, Rose catapulted over Kobak into the Tour de Ski lead by two points going into the final stage.

Kobak: Frozen out of a Tour Victory!

The Tour de Ski Finale was held in Cold, Windy, BLustery, Snowy, Cold, Snowy, Cold, Snowy conditions at Mount Van Hoevenberg.  The softness of the conditions prompted organizers to alter the course.  Now, instead of finishing at the GOAT, the race was to finish at the summit of Russian Hill.  Jon Santor took the early lead, with Kobak and Rose jockeying for position behind.  This was to become a very tactical race, with Kobak needing to win by at least 10 seconds to get back his coveted Tour de Ski overall title.  Kobak made his first attack on the field at the 2 km mark.  Rose was able to match this effort, as the duo shook off Santor.  Now it was all about timing the final attack as they reached the final climb.  Rose caught Kobak with a surprise move on the East Mt. Loop, then blasted up the Harry’s Hill approach.  Cheered on by Nordic Combined skiers, the duo pushed through the cold, soft snow, legs filling rapidly with lactic acid.  By the time they were at the base of Harry’s Hill, Kobak was done and Rose, smelling victory attacked once again.  Rose coasted through the last un-groomed meters to win the final stage on the final day of the Tour de Ski.  Jon Santor finished 3rd on the day, followed by Janet Findlay and Jerry Ross.


Name (stages completed) Total Points

Rose (5) 485.22

Kobak (5) 481.60

Santor (3) 285.00

Moffett (3) 264.20

maswick (3) 263.85

findlay (3) 252.35

Hatch (3) 248.69

Bailey (3) 245.84

Ross (3) 196.71

Lis (2) 172.85

Mitchell (2) 167.08

Ashline (2) 94.56

Korzinecki (1) 82.43

Adams (1) 71.22

sutter (1) 69.91

VHCS Fever!!!

The Tour de Ski Win solidified Rose’s place atop the VHCS standings…

VHCS Standings, through the Tour de Ski 1/3/2010

name rank Current VHCS points

Rose 1 12.4883811418769

Kobak 2 12.3618488261787

Findlay 3 11.7245812827935

Moffett 4 11.6539563748589

Maswick 5 11.3985099525325

Bailey 6 11.3039888692477

Santor 7 11.2956140398243

Mitchell 8 11.2827672857385

Hatch 9 11.2310671618236

Ross 10 10.9722205283891

Sutter 11 10.4806628341308

Weibel 12 10.145997

Ashline 13 10.118878592597

Lis 14 9.96521694876797

Adams 15 9.71224773834377

Korzinecki 16 9.41842277777778

Wint 17 8.9958

Osborne 18 8.99543


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