Hatch and Rose Crush Gauntlet Field

2010 Gauntlet Champions

The team of Stan Hatch and Chris Rose won the 2010 Gauntlet Relay.  After a tight opening classic leg, where Chris Rose managed to hang on to the strong double poling of Jon Santor, Stan Hatch delivered a knockout opening skate lap.  The duo cruised from there for a convincing win.  The silver medal went to the team of Jim Kobak and Tom Moffett.  Jon Santor and Ed Lis captured third.  And the team of Joe Korzenecki and Bob Maswick were just off of the podium.


1. Rose (Cl) Hatch (Sk) 0:39:34

2. Kobak (Cl) Moffett (Sk) 0:41:40

3.  Santor (Cl) Lis (Sk) 0:41:56

4. Korzenecki (Cl) Maswick (Sk) 0:48:00

The win moved Chris Rose to within 2 points of the Tour de Ski lead.  Today’s stage is the NYSSRA Big Boulder Classic in Tupper Lake.  With a good showing today, Rose should be able to move into the top position, making for an exciting finish in tomorrows Tour de Ski hillclimb finale.

Look for Santor to move up with a big Tupper Lake race today

Tour de Ski standings through 3 stages:

Name Total Points

Kobak 287.37

Rose 285.22

Moffett 264.20

Hatch 248.69

maswick 182.43

Mitchell 167.08

Bailey 158.17

Ross 128.97

Ashline 94.56

findlay 94.47

Lis 94.36

Santor 94.36

Korzinecki 82.43

sutter 69.91


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