Kobak Wins Clash of Titans Slush Fest, Secures Peru National Championship and Takes Early Tour de Ski Lead

kobak leads rose...

Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak out slushed Chris Rose to win the Clash of the Titans (shortened to 8 km) at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion.  By doing so, Kobak also won his first Peru National Championship and is the early leader in the Peru Nordic Tour de Ski.  Kobak managed to out-sprint Rose after securing the lead at the 5 km mark.  Conditions made it very tough to pass, and Kobak did a good job of boxing out attack after attack.  Stan Hatch skied comfortably into third position, while an epic duel saw Steve Bailey out-sprint Charlie Mitchell for fourth place.  Former National Champion of Peru, Tom Moffett finished fifth, and Jayce Ashline came in 7th.  Jerry Ross won the “recently retired” division, while Mike “mad-dog” Rose won his first Peru Super Senior Waxless Classic National Championship.

Final Results:

1. Kobak 27:26

2. Rose 27:27

3. Hatch 30:13

4. Bailey 30:42

5. Mitchell 30:43

6. Moffett 32:02

7. Ross 39:54

8. Ashline 61:00

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