Solstice Celebration: Inertia TV was there!

All out Effort!

The Peru Nordic Masters celebrated the Winter Season with a VHCS Race at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion.  Skiers hammered out 5 interval laps, and combined their time.  Chris Hand of Doom Rose squeaked by Jim Harvester of Sorrow Kobak to capture his second VHCS win in as many weeks. Rose gave up time to Kobak on the windswept field, but out foxed Kobak from the Gate to the Leanto to clinch the win.

at least $100 faster with those new boots!
at least $100 faster with those new boots

Jon Anethema of Outrage Santor was skiing incredibly strong with his new Salomon S-Lab Pro boots.  The boots were most likely the reason why Jon was faster than Charlie Mitch of Hell Mitchell who was only wearing citizen-level racing boots.  Steve Incursion of Fury Bailey and Jerry Boss of Brutality Ross also had good efforts.  The surprise of the day was the time put in by Stan Enigma of Uncertainty Hatch.  Hatch was over 10 minutes behind the leaders, which makes many wonder if, feeling the heathen pagan presence all-around him, he stopped mid-race to deliver a sermon or two to the uncivilized woodland creatures of MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion.  The Lake Placid contingent also had slow times, they blamed it on not finding the magic butter for conditions at MVH, but more likely it was because their course was much longer.  Relive most of the excitement courtesy of Inertia TV:

Final Standings:

Rose 7:51

Kobak 7:55

Santor 8:26

Mitchell 8:59

Bailey 9:01

Ross 9:52

Maswick 14:04

Lis 14:14

Hatch 17:40

***The Next race on the VHCS calendar takes place on Sunday with the Clash of the Titans 12 km freestyle.  We are watching the upcoming rain/ice/snow forecast.  If conditions remain good, the race is on at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion.  If not, we will move the first stage of the Tour de Ski to MVH.  Stay tuned to Windbriefs for updates!***


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