The Top 6.66 Events of the last Peru Nordic Season

Every blogger and news reporter worth his salt does a “best-of” countdown at the end of each year. For the Peru Nordic Masters, 2009 was a great year, and Windbriefs reflects on the past season with the top 6.66 Peru Nordic stories of the year.

6.66 Peru Nordic survives the NYSSRA Championship deluge. During the 2009 NYSSRA Championships, two relay teams overcame incredibly inclement weather to perform admirably at the NYSSRA Club Championship Relay. The teams of Chris Rose and Mike Wynn, along with Jon Santor and David Kvam, slogged their way through the course. They overcame adversity, and battled some of NENSA’s elite to get on the NYSSRA Club Championship podium.  An outstanding effort amidst some f’n crazy weather!

6. Jim Kobak wins the Rutland Uphill Rollerski Race. Facing many young college kids and junior studs, Jim Kobak dusted off his razor scooter wheels and won the NENSA Rutland Rollerski Race. It was a blistering hot and humid day in Rutland, and Kobak, the wiley veteran managed the heat much better than his competitors. He picked off skiers one by one up the punishing climb, and broke free at the finish, celebrating as the second-place skier convulsed in heat stroke.

5. Chris Rose sweeps most of the major Peru Nordic trophies and awards. Rose dominated the Viking Helmet Championship series. Rose won the Tour de Ski. Rose won another Deathskinada Death’s Head trophy. Rose captured the Nordic Armageddon Rollerski Series crown. And, Rose won the Peru National Championshp. The only thing missing from his impressive resume for the season was another Superbowl of Skiing victory (the Foam Finger was won by Bob Maswick) and another Iron Maiden Triathlon title (the Iron was won by Mike Wynn)

4. Jim Kobak fights through injury to pull of an impressive double. Jim Kobak travelled to Craftsbury and skied the 50 km marathon on Saturday, then drove to Old Forge to race in the 15 km freestyle NYSSRA race the next day. Kobak’s 65 km of racing feat became more impressive when it was revealed he suffered a terrible arm injury. Kobak lost a basket early in the 50 km classic race. Skiing 48 km favoring one side wreaked havoc on his shoulder. Then, overcompensating the next day he suffered acute tendonitits on his wrist. These injuries persisted into the following weeks, and Kobak managed to fight his way through the rest of the season, even winning the 25 km Lake Placid Kort Loppet M2 class with one arm!

3. David Kvam brings the HURT. Peru’s young gun, David Kvam, was an up and coming prospect, poised to break through in the NYSSRA ranks. Just as it looked like the aging squad had Kvam in tow as the go-to guy for the future, Kvam bolted the team and started his own club. This immediately set off a Nordic arms race, as HURT and Peru Nordic jumped into the fray, trying to sign as many NYSSRA Free agents as possible. Team HURT absorbed all of Team NJS, and some top Shenendehowa skiers and have risen to become a true challenge to the Evil Empire.

2. Chris Rose breaks through for the M2 Gold at the 2009 ESGs. Perhaps the most emotional moment of the season came when Chris Rose finally got the ESG monkey off of his back by winning the M2 division in the 10 km classic race on day one of the ESGs. Rose had long been known as the “Michelle Kwan of ESG cross country races,” finishing with many silver medals. Teary-eyed at the finish, Rose stated that “…this is the greatest race of my life.” Unfortunately Rose could not continue the Gold medal streak, yielding 53 seconds to Jim Kobak in the 10k freestyle pursuit the next day.

1. Stan Hatch wins the 50 km classic outright at the 2009 Lake Placid Loppet. Never before has a member of Peru Nordic finished on top of the heap at such a prestigious event. This victory propelled Stan into the eschelon of elites and rocketed him into the 21st century. After winning the Loppet, Stan has forgone the wool sweater and knickers look and is now sporting the hot new Skitanic Evil Empire Peru Nordic Masters ski suits.

2009 was a great year for the Evil Empire. Now, with new suits, some new blood and the same a**kicking attitude, look for Peru Nordic to achieve Nordic domination once again in 2010. Ski and Destroy!

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