VHCS Continues this week with Solstice Celebration

Peru Nordic celebrates the Solstice this week with the Wiccan Winter Pagan Pentagram Race. Skiers will ski the five arms of a pentagram at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion on Wednesday afternoon (3 pm).  The combined times from all 5 legs will be submitted to the VHCS supercomputer.  The five legs are as follows: From the Gate to the leanto, From the Leanto to the house, from the house to the leanto, from the leanto around the field and back to the leanto, from the leanto to the gate. (MVH equivalency: From Gauntlet Stadium to the Stadium, via flatlander, from the stadium to Gauntlet stadium via Bob cat (2x each) and from Gauntlet stadium around the campground loop and back)

In other news, the Peru Nordic Masters have officially called out members of Team HURT and Saratoga Biathlon Club to race in the annual Clash of the Titans 12 km race on Sunday Dec 27.  More info here


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