NYSEF Season Opener…

Peru Nordic wasted no time in transitioning from rollerskiing to snow by bringing a deep squad to the NYSEF season opener.   Conditions were ideal, and the organizers were able to send competitors around the punishing Olympic Laides’ 5km course twice!  Despite the extreme oxygen debt and lactic acid accumulation, the new Peru Nordic ski suits intimidated the crap out of the field and bought seconds, if not minutes for most of the Evil Empire’s skiers.

official results and observations: (link to official results)

Masters Men Class:

Kobak 3rd overall, 1st MM3 (36:54)

Hatch 4th overall – 1st MM4 (37:05)

Rose 5th overall 1st MM2 (37:47)

Santor battled with the college kids. 3rd MSR (39:29)

Adams skied strong. 3rd MM7 (59:55)

Maswick was roughed up by some Saratoga Biathlon yokels (damn that Moffett!), but came through in the clutch. 1st MM6 (46:02)

Joe K. thought about sitting it out, but stepped up to the plate for some solid NYSSRA club points! 4th MM5 (41:20)

Jerry “the rookie” Ross got his feet wet in his first Peru Nordic start.  3rd MM6 (62:05)

Randy Wint made it around… twice! (he may or may not have thrown up afterwards.. ..) 3rd MM3 (49:56)

Janet Findlay dominated the Women’s masters field!!!! 2nd overall and 1st FM5 (47:35)

Peru Nordic held off team HURT quite effectively. .. only Doug Diehl slipped through their Evil Grasp! (officials are looking into the possibility of wheel doping!)

The next NYSSRA event of note… January 3 2 in Tupper lake, 10 km (15 km??) classic. Don’t miss it… it’s a hard course, but not “two laps of the ladies’ 5” hard.

And if you haven’t done so… join NYSSRA Nordic to maximize the points you score for our club in the club series (www.nyssranordic. com)

The Viking Helmet Championship Series begins this week….  officially on Wednesday 12/16 at 4:30 pm… MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion.

Remember When: Tiger Woods Tribute: Tee off on a tennis ball (byo club… I suggest a 4 iron) from the leanto towards the field. Ski from the gate, around the field, and back to where your ball landed, then repeat for a total of three times, with full recovery between. Bonus points if you come wearing a green jacket. note: as you exit MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion, please drive carefully ( ****Non MitcHELLbeiner equivalent: Ski 3 2 km intervals on a rolling course and email your combined time) . If you can’t be there on Wednesday, you have untill 4pm Sunday 12/20 to complete this task and email your result to perunordic@yahoo. com

Also, the Clash of the Titans Race will double as the Peru National Championships and will be held at MitcHELLbeiener Skistadion on Sunday, December 27th. This is the official fundraising event for grooming and trail maintenance costs at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion. A $15 donation is suggested from all registrants, and the event will feature a bonfire, barbeque and FREE BEER! Stay tuned for more info…


2 thoughts on “NYSEF Season Opener…”

  1. I just wanted to thank you guys for letting the R.N.R Juniors beat you this weekend, it will go a long way as there confidence is ski high!!! However we will be sending some back up next weekend as everyone here loves pies!! You better get that secret Wynn Weapon out!!! Maybe your boy tiger is interested in joining forces!!

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