Viking Helmet Championship Series season set to start…

it's VHCS season!

The annual quest for the Viking Helmet begins this week.

Peru Nordic skiers will spend the rest of the winter battling for nordic supremacy!  The VHCS annually features signature events like the Tour de Ski, Deathskinada Loppet, The Gauntlet, Doomathlon, Skaytona 800, Ragnarok, Peru National Championship Race and the Mitchellbeiner Rennet.

Each week, skiers are given a task to complete at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion (posted on windbriefs).  Skiers earn VHCS points by submitting their results for the task.  Bonus points are earned if skiers meet at the designated Wednesday afternoon time to complete the task.  Points are based on the difficulty of the task, the strength of the field competing in the task and the skier’s performance completing the task.  There are about 352 multipliers and coefficients that are crunched by the VHCS supercomputer each week, and results and standings are posted at .

The VHCS starts this week with the “Season Opener.”  Skiers must hunt for snow, and ski on it.  Then, report to  The best report of the hunt for early season snow earns the most VHCS points (and may even be re-published on windbreifs!).

After a long rollerski season, the VHCS pre-seas0n poll rankings have been published, last year’s champ, and 2009 Nordic Armageddon Rollerski Series champion, Chris Rose leads the poll as the one to beat:

ame Current Rank Current VHCS points
Rose 1 10.1254
Moffett 2 9.9989
Mitchell 3 9.6632
Kobak 4 9.6565
Hatch 5 9.5565
Santor 6 9.5241
Bailey 7 9.456123
Maswick 8 9.1235
Ashline 9 9.02365
Lis 10 9.0212
Korzinecki 11 9.01254
Findlay 12 8.99985
Wint 13 8.9958
Sutter 14 8.99545
Ross 15 8.99544

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