Winter Training Schedule now online…

two of these guys followed the Peru plan to Nordic Domination

Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose, the official Coaching Czar of Peru Nordic, is now posting the Peru Nordic workout training schedule online at this location.  Rose hopes his posting will enable members of the Peru Nordic Masters to improve their performance during the upcoming ski season.  It is hoped that this schedule will enable more Peru Nordiques to train together as they work to recapture the NYSSRA Nordic Club Championship title. Likewise, those who live far from Peru will be able to use the training schedule to guide their workouts as they prepare on their own.  “…this will let everyone know what it takes to work to be a NYSSRA champion, and what we are up to.  Of course, the big danger is that our rivals, like the crumbsuckers from Team HURT, will adopt my plan and raise their game to unprecedented levels…”

Coach Rose uses the patented P.E.R.U. Training Method.  This method has produced many NYSSRA Nordic Champions, Empire State Games Champions, Peru National Champions and Viking Helmet Champions as well as Patch Sprint World Champions.

P. E. R. U. Method:  In a typical week try to spell the word “PERU” by doing at least one workout of each of the following:

P – Pace Workouts.  These are workouts where time is spent in the LT zone.  Usually as intervals between 3 and 10 minutes.

E- Endurance Workouts. These are long slow distance (LSD) workouts that are done well below LT.  Usually for at least 90 minutes.

R– Race Workouts.  These are races or simulated race workouts where work is done in and above the LT.  Distances and times vary, but the emphasis is on going as fast as possible

U–  Uphill Workouts.  These are workouts where the majority of time is spent going up, building strength and sometimes uphill speed. These may be LSD or LT workouts.  These are the workouts that make you stronger… and tougher.

Follow Coach Rose as he plans Peru Nordic’s workouts online at his online training schedule page.


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