Winter Storm Warning: Blizzard of Oz comes to Peru



The Blizzard of Oz is ready to bite the head off of the NYSSRA Series bat!



In an unexpected move, Peru Nordic bolstered their attack with the signing of young prospect, Doug “Blizzard of Oz” Osborne.  Doug had been skiing with NYSEF, but has switched his allegiance to his hometown team, Peru Nordic.  Doug is the first junior skier to sign with Peru, opening speculation that the signing of Carly Wynn is imminent.  “…I cannot comment while negotiations are going on, but let’s just say I had to burn more than one copy of Master of Puppets” said team leader, Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak.  Doug is the latest in some high-profile signings this fall, including JD “Demon of deBauchery” deBella, Jerry “Boss of Brutality” Ross, and Becky “Siren of Subjugation” Sutter.  It appears that Peru Nordic is doing all it can to keep pace with the free agent signing frenzy of Team HURT. “…those HURT guys are sweeping up Superstars left and right.  This has become a Nordic arms race and Peru Nordic has become like Iran to their North Korea… I’m about ready to offer my favorite old Motley Crue t-shirt to Tom Moffett to get him to jump over to our side…”


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