State XC Championships

charlie and chris
Peru Nordic's formidable single speed xc meet fore-running team!

Peru Nordic was on hand to cheer on the top HS runners in New York, as the NYSHPAA State Championship Cross Country meet was held in rainy Plattsburgh, NY.  Peru Nordiques, and dedicated educational professionals, Chris Rose and Charlie Mitchell volunteered to fore-run the races on their single speed MTBs.  “…I would rather not be out on a miserable wet day like this, but I am here for the children.  Think of the children…” said an emotional, and quite wet Chris Rose.

xc 014
is one of these ladies ready to join Peru Nordic and become the "Comet of Carnage???"

Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak was also on hand, scouting potential members for the Peru Nordic Masters Ski Pool, trying to get ahead of the scouting effort of Team HURT.  “I got some leads, we are still working on getting a certain skiing phenom to join the fold.  I won’t mention her name, but it rhymes with Harley.”  Jim was also seen handing out autographed copies of his recent article in Adirondack Sports & Fitness… available at newsstands everywhere, now!

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