Mitchellbeiner Needs Your Help!

The trails are in mint condition!  A big thanks goes out to all who showed up to finish the Lewis and Clark Trail and begin work on the Bear Den Mt. Trail.  Jayce A. has finished repairing the snowmobile, however the bill is more than anticipated: $480.00.  We are seeking creative ways to help Charlie recover the costs.  Nevertheless, the first thing we should  do is “pass the hat.”  If ten people make a suggested donation of $50.00 dollars (or more), this will cover the costs of repair.  Secondly, if conditions prevail, the Clash of the Titans 12k freestyle race will return on Sunday, December 27th – this race will also be the Peru Nordic Club Championships.  There are currently no races scheduled at the moment on the NYSSRA calendar.  Therefore, this is a good date to host a race.  Please stay tuned for more information.  This date could change if there is a change to the NYSSRA calendar.  The idea is to attract as many skiers as possible.  Lastly, a $5.00 suggested donation will be made for those who participate in the weekly training series at the Mitchellbeiner.  Overall, the idea is to not just simply recover the costs of the snowmobile repair, but to build a surplus fund for gasoline and equipment use.  Charlie truly enjoys having people ski at his place.  This is something he envisioned seven years ago when he began grooming his trails for skiing.  However, the costs of operation and grooming are wearing him thin.  If we wish to continue using his trails, we need to support him.

Too much work has been done to let fantastic trails like these trails go!

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