Apocalypse Now! Diehl wins the War… Rose brings the Rapture

Doug Diehl
Diehl... Sufferfest Champ!

Team HURT’s Doug Diehl set a new Race Record as he once again demolished the field during the Annual Peru Nordic Sufferfest.  Diehl added the Sufferfest victory to complete an impressive hat-trick of wins during this rollerski season.  Doug won the Hill of Death Magnetic in September, stage two of the Carnival of Sins in October and the Sufferfest in November.  Diehl’s impressive 33:30 came on a beautiful, sunny and warm November day.  He held off an impressive charge from Chris Rose, finishing in 35:43 and a monster effort from Joe Korzinecki, 36:15.

sufferfest start
Getting ready to SUFFER

Once again, the Sufferfest featured a massive field of top NYSSRA masters, with over 16 competitors from three of the top NYSSRA Clubs.  It has become an annual rite of Fall, to show up and see how one stacks up against the NYSSRA elite.  The Saratoga Biathlon Club, usually a force during the Sufferfest, struggled.  Tom Moffett was a scratch, and Sean Halligan is still reeling from the recent collapse of the NY Giants and  his revelation that his son is now faster than he is.  Going into the upcoming season, it looks like the new Team HURT has a well stacked team, led by Diehl and impressive showings by Martin Donnely-Heg, Tim Huneck, Dave Kvam, Andy Farry, Chris Yarsevich, Justin Tetlow, Chris Freilinghaus and Dave “I put the URT in HURT” Burt. It will be tough for Peru Nordic to handle this juggernaught, however, team inspirational leader, Bob Maswick noted, “…Look at Joe K’s effort.  And don’t forget the hard work put in by Steve Bailey and Randy Wint today.  If we can all just pay more attention to proper pre-covery, we will show these young punks why we are two-time NYSSRA Nordic Champions!!!”

ski give away
Kvam celebrates next to a dejected Yarsevich

David Kvam was the big winner in the Sufferin’ Sundays raffle.  A pair of Swenor Rollerskis were raffled off, courtesy of Reliable Racing.  Kvam’s lucky16 hit the jackpot, and he went straight to Dick’s to buy some Razor Scooter wheels for his new skis.


Rose with Armageddon Trophy
"I'm a armageddin' it!"

By finishing second overall today, Peru Nordic’s Chris Rose won the coveted Armageddon Trophy of War, Famine, Pestilence and Death by capturing the most points in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Series.  Rose calmly boasted that he is “…now the Hidecki Matsui of Rollerski Racing!”  And, he went out on a limb, predicting that because of his win, the NY Jets could not lose on this Sufferfest Sunday (they have a bye week).

Complete Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Series Results HERE

INERTIA TV was on hand for the big event… stay tuned to Windbriefs for full coverage soon!


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