Swath of Destruction! Moffett Wins World Series of Tennis Ball Rollerski Biathlon!


chris rose
Swath of Destruction!

It was a busy weekend on the Peru Nordic Schedule.  Halloween Day saw the Peru Nordiques rev up their chainsaws and thrash the wilderness at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion.  All Saint’s Day saw the Peruvians head to Point Au Roche for the World Series of Tennis Ball Rollerski Biathlon, New York State Championships of the World.

mitchell and rose
Mitch of Hell and Hand of Doom plot arboreal evisceration strategy







Improvements at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion included the finishing of the new “Lewis and Clark” trail.  This swath adds a considerable climb to the race loop.  After careening down Snow Depth Tree Hill, skiers now must work their way up Holy S*!t Hill and then up a massive climb on Lewis and Clark as they head to the Back Road.  The trail crew also cut a starter swath up another climb.  The new trail up Bear Den Peak has a solid climb followed by a screaming downhill.  Trailwork will continue on Veteran’s Day, and it is hoped that this new section will be ready for the 10-11 season.


kobak biathlon
Kobak in the range...


On Sunday, The World Series of Tennis Ball Rollerski Biathlon took place at Point au Roche State Park.  Tom Moffett of the Saratoga Biathlon club had only one miss en route to yet another championship, clocking in at just under 20 minutes.  (Moffett has won a US National Championship in Biathlon, the Peru National Championship in XC, and now, the NY State Championship of Tennis Ball Rollerski Biathlon).  Chris Rose also was strong in the range, finishing with the silver medal, skiing around  0:20:30.  Jim Kobak had two misses in the range, and the extra penalty lap cost him one of the top spots.  He still managed a Bronze medal, finishing in 0:21:26.


moffett wins
Moffett: World Series NY State Champion of the World!


Of course, INERTIA TV was on hand to capture the entire weekend.  Full coverage of these events can be seen below.

The next event on the Peru Nordic schedule is the annual Sufferfest up Prospect Mt. highway in Lake George.  Start is 9:30 am on November 8.  Registration is available online here


Next event: up, up, up in the annual SUFFERFEST!




One thought on “Swath of Destruction! Moffett Wins World Series of Tennis Ball Rollerski Biathlon!”

  1. Could that target hole be any bigger or closer? Hardly the kind of challenging event I have come to appreciate (usually from a far) from PNMSP!

    Luke Moffet could make those shots (though apparently Tom couldn’t!)

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