Rose Rampages Through the Carnival of Sins

I'm the one to beat!
Rose... Carnival of Sins Champ

Peru Nordic’s Chris Rose captured the overall classification in the Carnival of Sins.  Rose dominated in the classic stage, and finished just seconds behind stage two champ, Doug Diehl.  Rose Leads teammates, Jim Kobak and Bob Maswick in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Series, and looks to add the Armageddon Trophy of War, Famine, Pestilence and Death to his trophy room.  Rose is now twenty points up on Kobak with one event left, November 8th’s SUFFERFEST. Kobak fought hard during the Carnival of Sins suffering through a terrible cold which at least one noted medical expert had diagnosed as “…most definitely the Swine Flu, or at least a case of H1V1V2V2alternate.”  Complete Four Horsemen Series Results and Standings

Janet double poles to the women's title
Janet double poles to the women's title

Stage One featured the heroics of Chris Rose, who was able to stay dry and warm during the massive deluge that the rest of the field experienced.  Rose finished ahead of Randy Wint who looked surprisingly fresh at the finish, as if he skied 2-3 km less than the everyone else.  Kobak finished third, followed by the Lord of Destruction, Bob Maswick. Janet Findlay captured the women’s title with a strong effort.

Carnival of Sins... CLASSIC
Carnival of Sins... CLASSIC

Stage Two was a good old fashioned turf battle between Peru Nordic and Team HURT, with a couple of Saratoga Biathletes in the mix.  Team HURT’s Doug Diehl won the stage, taunting Peru Nordic by wearing their team colors.  “I wanted you guys to feel like winners today,” said Diehl.  Chris Rose finished a strong second, never able to reel the real Diehl in.  Kobak finished third, battling back and forth with Team HURT’s Andy Farry.  “At least we took two podium spots today…”

The Lord of Destruction Summits Prospect Mountain
The Lord of Destruction Summits Prospect Mountain

Of course, Inertia TV was on hand to capture the Carnival of Sins in all of its glory:


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