Carnival of Sins set for this weekend


The annual Peru Nordic Carnival of Sins Rollerski Stage Race will take place this Saturday 10/24 and Sunday 10/25.  Saturday’s Stage – Greed, Envy and Lust will start at 11 am in Peru.  Skiers will ski to from River Road to the Summit of Big Hill Road (10 km).  Skiers using classic technique will be scored for the Carnival of Sins, but freestyle skiers are welcome to participate.  Sunday’s stage – Pride, Avarice, Gluttony and Sloth will begin at 9 am at the base of Prospect Mt. in Lake George.  This stage is a freestyle race.  Skiers who complete in either stage will be scored for the Four Horsemen Rollerski Series, with maximum points given to those who complete both stages.  Register here for the Carnival of Sins!

Apocalypse is Nigh
Apocalypse is Nigh

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