Peru Nordic Battles Nation’s Elite in the NYSEF Climb to the Castle Race!

Members of the Peru Nordic Masters took to the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway for the annual NYSEF Climb to the Castle Race.  This race attracts the top US skiers, including the US Ski Team, US Nordic Combined Team, Top Collegiate Skiers, CXC, and Peru Nordic (Note: it did not attract Team HURT).

Conditions for this year’s race were slightly epic.  Driving rain, fog, high winds and wet leaves challenged the skiers over every inch of the frost-heave infested road. (read more)

Jim Kobak led the Peru Squad, coming in 30th overall, but winning the M3 category as the 4th fastest in the masters field.  (Kobak was displaced from the Masters podium by Nordic Combined World Champion, Todd Lodwick, NYSEF’s Matt Cooke and that super-fast old guy from Canada).  Chris Rose finished seconds behind Kobak as they worked together, utilizing team tactics to break the wind over the course.  Rose tried to set up Kobak by giving up the lead at the infamous “windtunnel” near the summit, but Kobak dug deep and put a sizeable gap on Rose late in the race.  Rose finished 31st overall and won the M2 division.  Rose and Kobak were pumped to have finished with a better time than all of the women in the field, “we beat ’em like Bobby Brown!” boasted an exuberant and politically incorrect Rose.  Bob Maswick also won his age group, easily decimating the M5 field.  All three skiers were once again shut out in the post-race raffle.  RESULTS HERE

The race was won by a young Nordic Combined skier, who out paced USA’s great white hope, Kris Freeman.  Noticably absent was race favorite and tw0-time defending champ, Duncan Douglas and Hill of Death Magnetic Champion, Doug Diehl.

Of course, Inertia TV was there and brings you their insightful, ground-breaking coverage of the event:


3 thoughts on “Peru Nordic Battles Nation’s Elite in the NYSEF Climb to the Castle Race!”

  1. AHHAHA you guy’s are F*&^%$#$%%^&&*&**&^%$##@! Great!!! I’m worried that your focus on H.U.R.T is going to HURT you then when the snow flies and RNR is out and about!!! ahahah Great Video!!

  2. You forgot to mention that skipping work was a requirement to be there, seeing it was a Wednesday morning. Brilliant planning by NYSEF!

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