Kobak: King of the Mountain

Kobak during cooler days

Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak won the 2009 NENSA Climb to Mountaintop Hillclimb Rollerski Climb Race.  Kobak headed over to the soft-side of Lake Champlain on an incredibly hot day armed with his rollerski weapon of choice.  “You don’t go to a gunfight with a pea-shooter,” boasted Kobak. “… three simple words: Razor-Scooter-Wheels!””  The start of the race was slow and under control, with the pack staying together for the first 5 km.  Then, defending NY State Champion, Kevin Sprague put a pole between his legs and had a nasty crash.  As the pack panicked, Team NJS’s Andy Farry made well-calculated attack to move towards the front.  This woke up Kobak, who had been marking Farry for the first part of the race.  Kobak bridged the gap, and then attacked Farry at the 8 km mark, right as the main climb began.  Kobak’s steady offset allowed him to slowly gain on the leaders, finally picking off the last challenger with 200 m left.  “All of the work on Big Hill Rd and the Hill of Death paid off today,” said a jubilant Kobak, as he accepted his championship mug.  Team NJS’s Jim South had a rough day on the pavement and wound up succumbing to the heat and the greuling climb, “I thought I would do better, what with all of the high-calorie carbo loading precovery I did last night at my 2oth High School Reunion.”

NENSA Write-up


Yes, there will be an INERTIA TV Episode covering this historic event!

Yes, you can join the Harvester of Sorrow for a V1 (offset) workshop at the corner of Fred Thew Rd and Big hill at 6 pm tomorrow (monday) night!

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