Rollerski Workshop Recap

Coach Rose leads a V2 drill
Coach Rose leads a V2 drill

Members of the Peru Nordic Masters got together on a steamy Monday evening  for a rollerski workshop.  This workshop was under the direction of Peru Nordic Player/Coach, Chris “Reggie Dunlop” Rose. Rose led the attendees through some drills, working specifically on V2 (one-skate) technique.  Some video analysis was also done, allowing participants to have some instant feedback.  Getting the hands high, increasing turnover and reducing follow-through were some of the key points emphasized.  The Workshop series continues next Monday at Big Hill Rd. in Peru.  On the agenda is work on V1 (offset) technique.  Join the Peru Nordic Masters each Monday in August/September for the Rollerski Workshop.

Homework for participants is to watch Ole Einar Bjoerndahlen work the one-skate:

One thought on “Rollerski Workshop Recap”

  1. Cool video. You people are about the most active rollerskiers in the US in terms of internet presence. Keep it up. Hilsen fra Norge!

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