Wynn Pummels Maiden Field

ironMaiden09 052

Mike Wynn earned his first IRON MAIDEN TRIATHLON world championship today with an impressive display on foot, on the bike and on rollerskis.  Wynn and pre-race favorite, David Kvam, showed world-class form in the run, easily distancing themselves from the rest of the pack.  Then, on the bike leg, the prodigal Kvam mysteriously lost his way on course.  Wynn attacked the favorite hard. destroying the field on the bike.   Then he hammered out the fastest rollerski time to easily win the IRON MAIDEN triathlon in a world record time of 1:36:09.   Saratoga Biathlon’s Deb Nordyke crushed the women’s field to win the ladies’ division.  Stay tuned for higlights on Inertia TV!

Wynn adds his name to the Iron!
Wynn adds his name to the Iron!

Final Results

Wynn  1:36:09

Kvam 1:45:37***

Rose 1:45:49

Kobak 1:49:14

Hatch 1:50:31

Huneck 1:50:48

Moffett 2:00:29

Nordyke 2:13:47

Complete RESULTS here


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