Iron Maiden Triathlon Hype… Kvam Labeled Top Seed

Kvam practices his Hill of Death Graveyard Summit Celebration
Kvam practices his Hill of Death Graveyard Summit Celebration

The Iron Maiden Triathlon is only one week away, and surprisingly, Vegas oddsmakers have labeled Peru Nordic’s David Kvam as the man to beat in the annual pain-laden race in Peru, NY.   Kvam is the favorite despite the fact that he has never raced the course, or has never even visited Peru.  Prognosticators have predicted that the speedy Kvam will be well out front  after the run, then he will do most of his damage on the bike leg, before cruising to the finish on rollerskis.  Two time defending champ Chris Rose was visibly distressed by the news, “This is b$&#**t! Kvam is a unproven rookie in this race and he will be put in his place…the Hill of Death will eat him alive… the Iron is mine, and mine alone!”

Kvam and Rose lead a solid field of contenders. Scheduled to compete are NYSSRA superstars Bob Maswick, Joe Korzenecki, Mike Wynn and Andy Farry, as well as Patch Sprint veterans, Jason Fiegl, Jim Kobak, Deb Nordyke and Tom Moffett.

The OFFICIAL Iron Maiden Triathlon betting line:

name      (affiliation)   odds to win the skinny

David Kvam (Peru Nordic) even Young gun is fast in all three disciplines…

Chris Rose (Peru Nordic) 9-7 two time champion, Hill of Death record holder

Mike Wynn (Peru Nordic) 2-1 fast and furious, can someone over 40 win this race?

Deb Nordyke (Saratoga Biathlon) 3-1 race veteran has been training for this race for at least one day

Tom Moffett (Saratoga Biathlon) 4-1 biggest training push in recent memory has him ready for a huge day

Joe Korzenecki (Peru Nordic) 8-1  c’mon, his rollerskis have like 7 wheels…

Bob Maswick (Peru Nordic) 10-1 he can run, ride, ski and help you find your dream home

Jim Kobak (Peru Nordic) 15-1 poor bike leg will keep him well off the podium

Andy Farry (Team NJS) 20-1 has only ascended the hill of death the easy way

Jason Fiegl (Peru Nordic) 46-1 he has never rollerskied before, this could hold him back

This list includes those who have officially registered for the race.  Many others are expected to participate… Of course, there is still plenty of time to register for the Iron Maiden Triathlon (day of race is ok, too) please register here.  All participants will recieve a complimentary Peru Nordic bumper sticker and are invited to Moffett Family Fun Day at the Moffett Thunderdome that afternoon.  Remember, competitors can do the Iron Maiden Triathlon as a relay team, as a run-Bike-run duathlon or as a bike only uniathlon…

Start: 9 AM, Moffett Thunderdome: 231 Mannix Rd, Peru, NY 12972

Finish: Atop the Hill of Death, Peru NY


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