Bizzarre Pagan Ritual Marks Solstice…

The summit of East Dix
A scene reminiscent of the summit of East Dix

In ancient times the Druids would scramble to the summit of the mighty 4012′ East Dix Mt. to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  There they would sacrifice their blood to the demon black flies in the hopes that their VO2 Max would increase for the upcoming ski season.

Celebrating the Solstice!
Celebrating the Solstice atop East Dix!

Members of the Peru Nordic Masters continued that tradition by scaling the slippery slopes of East Dix.  They approached from the under-used North Fork of the Boquet River.  When they reached the infamous East Dix slide, the wet rocks tested every ounce of skill, in fact, the Peru Nordiques had to bushwack the final approach to the summit because of the slippery rocks.  Luckily the blackflies were slight, and the summit was easily attained.

The slippery East Dix Slide
Navagating the slippery East Dix Slide

All in all, a scant 3.5 hours were spent participating in the ritual, leaving much of the longest day of daylight for important chores like lawnmowing.

poptart... Skaal!
poptart... Skaal!

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