Happy Martin Brodeur Day

Brodeur... the greatest of all time!
Brodeur... the greatest of all time!

As you are well aware, the Peru Nordic Masters are huge fans of the the New Jersey Devils (the most evil mf’s on ice).  And despite the recent Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup victory, the Devils are still the best team in the NHL.  And, I am officially predicting another Stanley Cup victory for the Devils in 2010. What makes the Devils so great are their ties to the Infernal Dark Lord, Satan, and that they hail from the Great State of New Jersey, just like me.

What exit?
What exit?

Today has been officially declared “Martin Brodeur Day” in the Garden State.  (Really, it is… believe it) Brodeur is being celebrated as the most dominant goalie of all time.  Brodeur has won the most games in the history of the NHL as well as many other notable achievements.

Brodeur’s noteworthy achievements over the past 17 seasons with the Devils:

Three Stanley Cup Championships 1995, 2000, 2003 and counting.

Four Vezina Trophies (leagues best goalie) 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008

Calder Trophy (NHL Rookie of the Year) 1994

All time NHL wins.. 557 and counting

Most wins ever in one NHL season (48) 2006-07

Second all time NHL shutouts 101  and counting (only 3 shutouts from the all time mark held by Terry Sawchuck)

Second all time NHL playoff wins 97 and counting

Brodeur has scored 2 NHL goals as a goalie… one was the game winner (vs. Philadelphia 2/15/2000) and the other was in the playoffs (vs Montreal 4/17/1997)

Brodeur has dominated the NHL just like Peru Nordic has dominated NYSSRA!!!


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