Mother Nature Pummels Peru Nordic

Don't F*** with Mother Nature
Don't F*** with Mother Nature

Members of the Peru Nordic Masters went gambling yesterday…. and lost.

Jim Kobak and Chris Rose raced home from work to get in a classic rollerski under threatening skies.  There was some doubt if the duo should dare to test the imminent thunderstorms.  Eventually, science and technology were consulted which led to the now infamous descision,  “The radar looks like we will be ok for at least an hour.  Let’s go for it.”


It was actually quite beautiful at the start, and the pair worked on double poling and avoided late kick around the friendly confines of Peru.  Then, things changed rapidly.  About 50 minutes into the roll, sheets of heavy rain advanced on them.  Quickly, the deluge really bared its teeth and pelted the pair with chick-pea sized hailstones (also reported as “roughly the size of garbanzo beans).  This forced the Peru Nordiques off the road and under the cover of some roadside apple trees. As they waited out the icy barrage,  hypothermia began to creep in on the drenched rollerskiers.  In a risky, life saving move, the pair decided to act.  They withstood more hail stones, which started to dissipate just in time to allow for lightning.  Now, at a full interval-LT pace, they double poled through ankle high flash flood waters along the road before finally making it to safety.

And a good time was had by all.


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