VHCS Supercomputer Shutdown cannot stop SLOP FEST!

Tradgedy struck this week as the VHCS Supercomputer suffered a catastrophic failure.  Hopefully this will only be a temporary setback, but the massive algorithmic calculations used to determine SLOP FEST standings may now have to be done by hand!  Undaunted, the SLOP FEST contingent hammered up Poko Moonshine Mountain anyway, for this week’s event.

Kobak and Zoe wiped out at the summit of Poko
Kobak and Zoe wiped out at the summit of Poko

Jim Kobak, Zoe and Jay Fiegl battled at the front until just below the old Ranger’s cabin, where Kobak made a hard attack.  Zoe tried to keep Jay from getting gapped.  Kobak managed to stretch the lead and won the day with a sub-20 minute effort (19:55). The Fiegls held on strong, with Jay making a last second pass of Zoe to finish in second (Jay-20:19, Zoe- 20:21).  Chris Rose, going at maximum effort and drooling profusely, finished just off of his PR pace (21:11).  Tom Moffett, rounding into tip top Patch Sprint form, narrowly escaped being crushed by a falling tree and worked with Jerry Ross before attacking on the final climb (TM- 23:31, JR- 23:55).  Also competing in today’s event were the S.L.O.P.P.Y. (Slow Lazy Old People Pursuing Youth) team of Steph K. and Squeak, and team Z.I.M. (Zims in Motion) with Abbey, ADK, Kelly, JoJo and Jenna Z.   A third team of Moffets also hammered up the slopes of Poko, but did not record a finishing time, as they were too interested in exploring the super-fun cool caves just off the trail on the lower reaches.  As of this post, there is no report of the goats attempting the Poko Time Trial.

Moffett demonstrates what you look like just before your lungs explode!
Moffett demonstrates what you look like just before your lungs explode!

A good time was had by all, and the SLOP FEST continues next week with the unique “Summit to Summit” race from the top of Bare to the top of Rattlesnake.  Meet at 5 pm on 4/30 at the 1812 Homestead.  Hopefully, the VHCS supercomputer will be back online and we can figure out who is winning the SLOP FEST!…

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