SLOP FEST series details revealed

Fiegl and Kobak have won 10 Jannys between them... join them in the SLOP FEST
Fiegl and Kobak have won 10 Jannys between them... join them in the SLOP FEST

the Peru Nordic Masters’ SLOP FEST (Seven Labors of Patch F’n Extreme Sprint Training) series details have been released…  In an effort to make things as complicated as possible, The Viking Helmet SuperComputer will be utilized to calculate the final standings based on the following criteria for each event.

1.  Each event will be given a difficulty rating.  Higher ratings will represent harder efforts.  For example, the Patch Sprint itself has the maximum rating of 2.0.  All parts of the SLOP FEST will be rated relative to the whole race.

2.  Each competitor will score one point for completing each SLOP FEST event.

3.  Each race will have a threshold time.  Competitors will recieve bonus points for their time relative to the threshold time.

4.  Each competitor will be given a racer handicap based on his performance in the series.  Racers will start with a handicap of 1.0, and this will change as he continues through the series.

5.  Points for each race will be determined by multiplying the difficulty rating x points x threshold bonus x racer handicap.

6.  Racers will be ranked in the SLOP FEST Standings based on their average points per race plus 0.1 points for each race completed.

confused??? good, then you are definitely ready to participate in the SLOP FEST series…

Labor #1:  The NEMEAN LION: Bare Mt Blast. Start at the Pillars, race to the Bare Mt. Summit.  difficulty rating 0.351, Threshold time: 0:15:00 (meet at the 1812 Homestead @5pm on Thursday 4/2)


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