As Ski Season Fades… SLOP Begins!

March 25... Still Skiing!
March 25... Still Skiing!

MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion has often been referred to as the “Tahoe of Clinton County.”  It recieves copious snow, has beautiful sunny skies, the rich and famous flock to ski there and gambling is encouraged. 

Child of the Corn
Child of the Corn

One of the best parts of MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion is the great spring skiing on Korn snow.  With the freeze thaw cycle that we have had, things may only be skiable through the weekend.  The road and leanto trails are good, and there are a few bare spots on the back loop.

"If MitcHELLbeiner is like Tahoe, then Charlie must be Arnold Schwarzenegger"
"If MitcHELLbeiner is like Tahoe, then Charlie must be Arnold Schwarzenegger"

As the ski season ends, the Peru Nordic Masters are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Patch Sprint (  As you well know, the Patch Sprint is a challenging mountain trail running race in Willsboro, NY.  It is held on Memorial Day weekend as a fundraiser for the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation.  The race is hosted by Poko-MacCready Camps, and is open to alumni, friends and family of the camp, including members of the Peru Nordic Masters. 

 To help spark local interest in the race, and to get folks pumped up and training, the Peru Nordic Masters have announced the innaugural Seven Labors Of Patch training race series.  There will be seven events, one each week, held on the world-famous Patch Sprint course.  Racers will meet on Thursday afternoons at 5 pm at the 1812 Homestead in Willsboro.  Points will be awarded and the overall winner will recieve the prestigious SLOP Bucket.   The first Labor will be on April 2… a race from the pillars to the summit of Bare Mt.

The Seven Labors of Patch….SLOP training race schedule *** tentative… subject to change

First labor: Thurs, April 2… The NEMEAN LION: Bare Mountain Blast (Pillars to Bare summit)

Second Labor: Thurs, April 9…  THE HYDRA: Rattlesnake Death Rattle (Rattlesnake pkg lot, to summit and back)

Third Labor: Thurs, April 16… THE ERYMANTHIAN BOAR: Tax Rebate road race (Rattlesnake pkg lot, to top of Schoolhouse Hill on Reber Rd.)

Fourth Labor: Thurs, April 23… THE CRETAN BULL: Earth Day POKO TT #1 (meet at base of poko… TT to summit)

Fifth labor: Thurs, April 30…THE AUGEAN STABLES:  BareRattle Summit 2 Summit (race from Summit of Bare to Summit of Rattlesnake)

Sixth Labor: Thurs, May 7… THE GOLDEN APPLES OF THE HESPERIDES: Fieg Alley Run-Through.  Race from Reber Rd hairpin corner to Poko base via Fieg Alley.

Seventh Labor:  Thurs, May 14…CERBERUS:  Final Blast POKO TT #2 (meet at Poko base)


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