Triumph and Tragedy at Empire state Games


The two-day Empire State Games were held in Lake Placid on February 21-22, 2009.  Due to budget cuts, this may well prove to be the last ever ESGs.  The stage was set for some high drama, and the Peru Nordic Masters were in the thick of it.

the curse is lifted!
the curse is lifted!

Peru Nordic’s Chris Rose, who has been known as the “Michelle Kwan of the ESGs,” had never placed higher than second in any ESG event.  Rose was bent on finally winning a gold medal, and on Saturday, he finally broke through.  Rose skied the 10 k classic with reckless abandon and raw emotion.  When it was done, lying in a crumpled heap, Rose wept with sheer joy.  “This is my greatest race!…. the monkey is off my back!”  Rose finished second overall and won his coveted M2 Empire State Games Gold Medal.

Joe K... are you kidding me? Maz is out?
Joe K... are you kidding me? Maz is out?

The mood quickly changed when Bob Maswick announced he was done for the season.  Team doctors have only disclosed that Maz was suffering from an “upper body injury.”  But, he is definitely done for the season.

the unstoppable Stan Hatch!
the unstoppable Stan Hatch!

On Sunday, faced with the prospect of skiing without Maswick, members of the Peru Nordic Masters stepped it up two notches.  Notably, Jim Kobak and Stan Hatch absolutely tore up the ESG course.  Kobak blistered through the field, finishing with the fastest masters skate time, and winding up 2nd overall in the pursuit.  Kobak made up an incredible 52 second deficit to Chris Rose, and captured Gold in the M2 pursuit.  Stan Hatch had the third fastest time of the day, and captured the second of two silver medals in the M4 class.

Celebration on the M2 podium... Kobak, MDH, Rose
Celebration on the M2 podium... Kobak, MDH, Rose

When the weekend was over, Peru Nordic had plenty of strong performances, and are primed for the impending NYSSRA Championship weekend.

Santor DPs as onlookers gawk
Santor DPs as onlookers gawk

ESG Classic Results:

Chris Rose,  2nd overall, GOLD M2

Jim Kobak, 5th overall, Silver M2

Stan Hatch, 7th overall, Silver M4

Joe Korzenecki, 13th overall, Silver M5

Steve Bailey, 16th overall, 7th M4

Ed Lis, 23rd overall, 4th M3

Bob Maswick, 28th overall, 5th M5

Jim Adams, 35th overall, 5th M7

Janet Findlay, 3rd overall, Silver M6

Jon Santor, 5th overall men’s open.

Sunday, 2.22  1o k skate results:

Jim Kobak, 1st overall

Stan Hatch, 3rd overall

Chris Rose, 6th overall

Joe Korzenecki, 8th overall

Ed Lis, 18th overall

Jim Adams, 35th overall

Jon Santor, 5th overall men’s open


Jim Kobak 2nd overall, GOLD M2

Chris Rose, 3rd overall, SILVER M2

Stan Hatch, 5th overall, SILVER M4

Joe Korzenecki, 9th overall, SILVER m5

Ed Lis, 19th overall, 4th M3

Jim Adams, 32 overall, 5th M7

Jon Santor, 6th overall Men’s Open

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