Records Fall at Deathskinada

Rose rips through a record-setting lap!
Rose rips through a record-setting lap!

The annual Deathskinada Loppet featured blistering speeds as MitcHELLbeiner course records fell like the Dow Jones Industrial average.  Icy fast conditions allowed skiers to coast through their first laps, before pushing the envelope of speed for the final lap.  “I think I created a sonic boom!” said, the mercurial Chris Rose.  “You know, with the Doppler effect, I could see that Chris was Red-shifted as he went past me,” said the astronomical Charlie Mitchell.  All skiers hovered around the 12 minute mark on the incredibly fast course, but Jim Kobak put up a speedy 11:11 lap, to set a new record, and looked like the winning mark.  Chris Rose dug deep into his inner Flash and bested that time by 8 seconds to set a new world-record mark of 11:03! 

Deathskinada Final Results:

1 Rose Chris 0:08:57
2 Kobak Jim 0:08:49
3 Maswick Bob 0:08:44
4 Bailey Steve 0:08:20
5 Mitchell Charlie 0:08:08

With another win, Rose maintains his dominance in the VHCS series.  The only remaining question is can he achieve  his life-long goal of finally winning a gold medal at ESGs?

VHCS standings races VHCS Computer ranking
Rose 13 33.118
Kobak 13 28.011
Bailey 9 27.689
Mitchell 9 25.682
Maswick 7 24.427
Hatch 5 16.223
Santor 4 14.446
Wynn 3 13.611
Kvam 3 13.542
Beattie 3 10.069
Ashline 4 9.193
Moffett 1 8.536
Findlay 2 7.648
Hunter 2 6.602
Lis 2 5.713
Korzenecki 2 4.546

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