Kobak Rolls to YahtzSki Win


Jim Kobak

parlayed three sixes and a small straight into his first VHCS win of the season.  Kobak had the fastest time and earned over three minutes in bonuses based on his dice throwing prowess. Kobak held off Chris Rose, whose pathetic rolls included a set of  three ones, Charlie Mitchell and Jayce Ashline.  Ashline was in contention early with some hot die rolls, but took a wrong turn at the start of the race, which probably cost him a podium finish.  Rumor has it that in a blind rage of frustration over this turn of events, Ashline broke a piece of priceless heirloom furniture crafted by a 95-year-old one-armed blind gentleman who loves puppies and was hoping to donate the piece to charity.  This rumor has not been substantiated, but Ashline was seen buying wood glue and clamps at Lowe’s immediately following the race.


1 Kobak Jim 0:25:54
2 Rose Chris 0:27:13
3 Mitchell Charlie 0:31:32
4 Ashline Jayce 0:52:05
Mitch of Hell.... YAHTZSKI!!!!
Mitch of Hell.... YAHTZSKI!!!!

With the victory, Kobak moves into second place on the VHCS ranking list over the idle Steve Bailey.  Chris Rose retains the top ranking, but a bunch of contenders are looking to bump him from the top during this week’s Superbowl of Skiing.


VHCS standings races VHCS Computer ranking
Rose 9 25.936
Kobak 9 23.775
Bailey 6 22.319
Maswick 4 17.598
Mitchell 6 17.272
Hatch 5 16.223
Wynn 3 13.611
Kvam 3 13.542
Santor 3 11.311
Beattie 3 10.069
Moffett 1 8.536
Findlay 2 7.648
Ashline 3 7.354
Hunter 2 6.602
Lis 2 5.713
Korzenecki 2 4.546

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