Two Entrees in this week’s VHCS Menu..

The VHCS continues this week with two killer events….

At MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion the YAHTZSKIII! race will take place.  This race is based on America’s Favorite Dice Game (see rules below).  Skiers ski a modified “short course” five times.  After each lap, they roll the Yahtzee dice to earn time bonuses.  The official race is at 4 pm on Tuesday, but skiers may participate anytime between 4 PM Tuesday and 7 PM Thursday, just email your times to

YAHTZskii! Course... 5 laps
YAHTZskii! Course... 5 laps

Yahtzki Rules/ScoringYou have five dice. after each lap you can roll all the dice three times. Each time you can “freeze” some of the dice so that you don’t roll them all. This allows you to try to get four of a kind, for example by freezing some dice after the first roll, freezing some (same or different) after the second roll, then scoring the dice after rolling some/all of the dice a third time.

 You score the five dice by entering the appropriate value in the scorecard. Once you enter a value in a given category that category is done for the game.   Each category has a different time bonus… you may fill in a maximum of 5 categories during this race.  complete Yahtzee rules can be found here There will be scorecards and dice in the leanto after 4 pm on Tuesday 1/27

Super Bowl of Skiing!!!
Super Bowl of Skiing!!!

At MVH Skiers will participate in the annual SUPERBOWL of SKIING.  Skiers must ski two laps of the Laides’ 5 km course.  One of the laps must be in Classic technique, the other in Skate technique.  Skiers must complete their two laps and email each time to before the Superbowl ends on Sunday February 1.  Skiers start and finish each lap at the loppet start marker.  Skiers do not have to complete each lap on the same day, nor does it matter which technique skiers choose to do first.  And, skiers may do as many laps as they wish, but they may only submit one lap in each technique to be scored…


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