GOAT Possesses Peru Souls…

You cannot resist the call of the GOAT
You cannot resist the call of the GOAT

In a strange recent phenomenon, members of the Peru Nordic Masters cannont help themselves when skiing Porter.  Many skiers have noted, “There is a weird kind of evil demonic little voice that keeps calling you around Peggy’s Puddle, Big Rock, Horseshoe and even up High Notch… Even when you are out for an easy ski, you start hammering the hills atLoppet intensity… Weird”  This call to extreme suffering at MVH has even affected non-Peruvians like the Jacked Up Old Man.  Most Peru Nordic Skiers recognize this that as the siren song of the GOAT.  The Goddess Of Anaerobic Threshold beckons skiers from her perch at the top of heart-attack hill.  This activity tends to increase as the Loppet begins to rear its ugly head. It is futile to resist paying homage to the GOAT.  That which does not kill you, makes you stronger. Ski and Destroy!


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