Rose Continues Dominance Atop VHCS Poll


VHCS Leader... Chris Rose
VHCS Leader... Chris Rose

In the closest race of the season, Chris Rose maintained his lead in the VHCS with a three second win over Jim Kobak in the Strength Beyond Strength 8 km race.  Rose muscled through the course  just a hair faster than Kobak, who commented that “…those were the hardest push ups I have ever had to do.”  Stan Hatch finished third, while Steve Bailey waited until temperatures were at their absolute coldest before doing the race.  “It was easily -20 F at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion when I did my laps, it was like skiing on sand covered in glue covered in sand, with a sprinkling of gravel and more glue with a touch of sand… not fast!”

The VHCS continues with the Inaugural BiMathlon next week.  This event will celebrate the Inauguration as well as challenge skiers to 7th grade math problems… stay tuned for details!


1 Rose Chris 0:26:31
2 Kobak Jim 0:26:34
3 Hatch Stan 0:28:20
4 Bailey Steve 0:34:20
5 Mitchell Charlie 0:34:21

VHCS RANKINGS… Through 1/15/09

VHCS standings races VHCS Computer ranking
Rose 7 26.542
Kobak 7 20.779
Maswick 4 17.598
Bailey 5 17.539
Kvam 3 14.509
Wynn 3 13.611
Hatch 4 13.602
Santor 3 11.820
Beattie 3 10.069
Mitchell 4 9.439
Findlay 2 7.648
Hunter 2 6.428
Lis 2 5.441
Ashline 2 4.968
Korzenecki 2 4.625

One thought on “Rose Continues Dominance Atop VHCS Poll”

  1. I agree with Steve. I skied a lap yesterday and the wind blown snow was even slower! Like skiing on honey. (from bees)

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