Season Opener Results

Several Peruvian fans have been calling looking for the results and write up of Sunday’s NYSEF Season Opener race. Click on the following link to see the results: As usual Peru Nordic had a strong presence and their love affair with the Solda wax line continues as F-31 Violet was the wax choice of the day. Conditions were best described as “mashed potatos”, and soft flex skis were the best choice. Stay tuned for more updates once team owner and captain Jim Kobak fixes his “internet woes.” Next race for several of the Skitanic Beserkergang is the Reindeer Roundup at Lapland Lake.


2 thoughts on “Season Opener Results”

  1. This race is always one that loyal Peruvians wait for – 1st on-snow fitness & technique test of the season, 1st on-snow test of new gear, and an early look at the competition. As usual, HOD was peaking HUGE – winning all the training outings, looking strong but Harve was clearly skiing $ 500 better.

    I wasn’t crazy for the race format, but it showed I need some lung searing, gut wrenching DP practice. I think I also need to ski elbows out and flying during the first few K’s – keep some of those kids away from me!

    Wax and structure? F-31 pink was the Wax Maestro’s call with some light structure. Joe K’s skis had a bit more structure than mine and they were clearly running better w/ the same F-31 Violent wax.

    Oh, by the way – the comment was “it was like skiing in a bowl of mashed potatoes.”

    Next stop – Lapland. “No, no!!!! You must change your skis!”

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