Internet Woes


You may have noticed a recent lack of web posts.  This is not only because race training has been ramped up to 11+, but rather because Peru Nordic World Headquarters was recently involved in an internet blackout.  Our rural satellite system apparently went “out of whack”  most likely due to sabotage by one of our arch rivals, or by the sheer intensity of effort put forth by the Hand of Doom during an interval session.  Needless to say, after many lengthy calls to India and other outsourcing centers, the satellite divining gurus should get us back on line tomorrow, and allow us to fill your day with thrilling and important blog posts and news updates.

more skulls
more skulls

Speaking of important updates… the NYSSRA coaches’ clinic and Season Opener races are this weekend.  This is somewhat dependent upon the impending snowstorm Thursday night.  THe clinic is FREE to NYSSRA members, and will include a wax clinic run by Swix wax technicians (I hope they have retrieved enough HF8 from local dumpsters).   THe race is on Sunday, and should feature a vulgar display of skiing power.  The early favorite is Peru Nordic’s Chris Rose, who many have said has been, “…skiing strong.”  Rose, in typical Thanksgiving form, has been in top shape and is itching to lay it down on the snow.   Expect disappointing races from Bob Maswick and Jim Kobak, who have recently been worn down after Rose has dragged them through torturous interval sessions at MVH.  A good time will be had by most.


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