VHCS Pre-Season Poll Rankings Released!


The annual Viking Helmet Championship Series gets underway soon, and the VHCS Computer has run its performance algorithm to rank the contenders and pretenders for the battle for the prestigious Viking Helmet.


This season, the VHCS will begin at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion “as soon as there’s groomable snow”  The series will take place on TUESDAYS this season.  Events will promptly start at 4:30 PM (get your headlamps charged up)


Peru’s Jim Kobak sits at the top of the VHCS field.  Kobak was barely beaten for the overall title last season, and has had a strong fall rollerski season.  He is poised to capture his first Viking Helmet title.


Last season’s champion, Chris Rose, has slipped to #2 in the pre-season poll.  A weak showing in the Carnival of Sins Rollerski race caused him to tumble in the polls.  Don’t be surprised if Rose executes a mid-season surge and captures his third Viking Helmet by April.


A surprise on the pre-season list is Bob Maswick.  Maz had a strong rollerski campaign, and finished ahead of usual stalwarts, Tom Moffett, Charlie Mitchell and Steve Bailey.  Maswick was taken aback by his high ranking, “chances are good that I won’t ski in a single Tuesday night race…”


name VHScomputer ranking
Jim Kobak 0.03958333
Chris Rose 0.03750000
Bob Maswick 0.03652778
Charlie Mitchell 0.03493056
Bruce Beaharnois 0.03423611
Tom Moffett 0.03318287
Steve Bailey 0.03230324
George Disney 0.03026620
David Kvam 0.02847222
Jayce Ashline 0.02758102
Sean Halligan 0.02662037
Mike White 0.02565972
Jim Underwood 0.02469907
Henry Buchala 0.02373843

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