Golf Course Vasa Ski Festival… A huge success

With snowy conditions in LP, the RollerVasa was officially cancelled.  In its place the first annual GolfCourseVasa was held, which evolved into a three day ski festival. 

Cold and windy conditions prevailed, but the snow kept getting better and better.  When all was said and done, over 60 kms were skied, most of the double poling done uphill, and new Peru Nordic Member, Randy Wint, was declared the vinner ov the vasa.  Wint did his best Stan Hatch impression by digging up some circa 1985 ESG gear, dusting off his old landsem skis, squeezing his feet into some old adidas ski boots and bindings, and topping it off with an old-school Swix Gunde hat.  “when these guys said they were classic skiing, I went and dug up the classics of classic skiing.” 


Many Peru Nordiques took to the great skiing on the golf course.  Bob Maswick drove all the way from Rochester just to participate.  Janet Findlay and Dave Hunter veered off course to do the ski-O portion of the event.  


The big loser of the event was Chris Rose, who lost his waterbottle holder during the route 86 drive-by ski raffle.  Jim Kobak enjoyed the event, “The best part of the golf course vasa was getting in some on-snow K’s while being able to work on my short game.”



2 thoughts on “Golf Course Vasa Ski Festival… A huge success”

  1. glad to hear you have recruited randy, my archrival from his days of racing at fairport high school, and then keene state, i am, of course used to getting beat by randy who helped bump my alma mater (new england college) out of division 1, and of course stole my girlfriend (lori grover) who apparently learned enough from randy to make the usst, I look forward to getting beat some more by randy, who now that he is back racing will probabally not help me wax my skis anymore, to peru skitanists the rich get richer of course!

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