MitcHellbeiner Skistadion to Expand

Charlie “Mitch of Hell” Mitchell and Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose surveyed the trails of the Mitchellbeiner Skistadion yesterday to lay out future mountainbike trails for the renowned nordic facility.  With the loss of Cadyville Park to logging damages, the two off road enthusiasts decided now is the time to develop trails at the ski center.  “There is a lot of potential here” said Mitchell.  “These trails will connect to a larger network of trails already established and perhaps breath life back into the mountainbike scene around here.”  As of recently, mountainbike riders are few and far between in Northern NY.  Mitchell nostalgically recalls the heyday of off road riding in the late 1990s, when the Tuesday night racing series at Cadyville would draw 60 plus racers and there was one or even two local races one could attend on any given weekend.  The Mitchellbeiner Skistadion is legendary for its challenging nordic terrain and is even described by one biathlete as “the hardest course in New York State.”  Mitchell and Rose hope to develop trails that will capture this essence and challenge all ability levels.  Trail work begins in the spring with a projected grand opening at the end of May.

Get ready to shred


2 thoughts on “MitcHellbeiner Skistadion to Expand”

  1. Cool, I hope it happens. I am very sad to hear the news that mountain biking has flowed out of the region. 60 plus riders? Hmmm, the lore is getting larger. Don’t know if it was that large, but it was significant. I hate short track but think about that. With the huge success in cyclocross races this spectator friendly racing might bring back the riders.

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