Sufferfest Prep: Placid Boys Roll Big

heading towards THE FACE!
heading towards THE FACE!

With the Sufferfest looming in one short week, members of the Peru Nordic Masters, including most of the Lake Placid Chapter, took on a grueling 2.5 hour rollerski through the back roads of Essex and Franklin Counties. 

"anyone else realize that we're rollerskiing with all of this snow on the ground?"
"anyone else realize we're rollerskiing with all of this snow on the ground?"

The crew, which featured the Lord of Destruction, Distributor of Pain, Colossus of Chaos, Harvester of Sorrow and the Purveyor of Punishment, left Wilmington and headed towards the Silver Lake Road.  A run-in with the State Police ensued, but the well massaged glutes of the Peru Nordic crew were too much for the long arm of the Law. 

Stay Tuned... Peru Nordic Day at High Peaks: Nordic Specialists!!!

From Silver Lake Road the group headed down the Forestdale Road, in the shadow of Catamount Mt., before heading up the arduous climb to the Whiteface tollhouse.  Fighting a stiff headwind, steep terrain and sandy road conditions, the Peru Nordic Masters conquered the climb.  Then, they headed home to watch the JETS finish off the Bills!!!

"Why, yes, my glutes are well massaged."

Next week most of the team will be heading down to Lake George for the annual Sufferfest.  The race up Prospect Mountain begins around 10:30 AM… SKI AND DESTROY!!!


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