Kobak Sweeps Carnival

Maswick puts last week's coaching session into practice
Maswick puts last week's coaching into practice!
Rose on Stage 4 (note Brett Favre Mt and Peru Fall Foliage in the background!)

Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak pulled off an unprecidented sweep of the annual Carnival of Sins Rollerski Stage Race.  Kobak won each of the stages, including the feature stage up the Hill of Death where he was mobbed by the throngs of spectators as he crossed the line.  Kobak held off Chris Rose with punishing attacks on the first three stages, and battled Bob Maswick on the final gut churning summit climb.  Maswick was skiing exceptionally strong after being coached last weekend by the US Ski Team in a clinic sponsored by High Peaks Cyclery Nordic Specialists.  “Drive the knees and throw those arms forward!!!!!”

Kobak’s victory has him poised to be a lock atop the soon to be released VHCS (Viking Helmet Championship Series) pre-season poll.  

To Rose, this was a classic example of a “trap race” following last weekend’s Conquest of the America’s Race.  “I have to win these games, especially with the strength of schedule playing in my favor, I think I was looking past this race to the Sufferfest on Nov 9th.” 

 Other notables in today’s race included Dr. George “Hippocrate of Hostility” Disney, who managed impressive fourth place finishes in each of the first two stages in his first rollerski race!

Pain (Top of Big Hill... Stage 3 Finish!)
Pain (Top of Big Hill... Stage 3 Finish!)

3 thoughts on “Kobak Sweeps Carnival”

  1. We need a “bearing & wheel compound correction factor” figured into the Viking Helmet Championship Series points spreadsheet. We time a downhill roll and calculate a multiplier for slower RS’s.

  2. Actually, points have been calculated using the conversion factor coefficient. It has been determined by the VHCS computer using a simple algorythm as follows: ((((Model # of George Disney’s rollerskis X absolute value of wheels on each of Joe Korzenecki’s rollerskis) ^ number of precovery beverages imbibed during loppet banquet) / (loppet bib # – Number of 14 year old girls finishing ahead of you + height of water table at Mitchellbeiner wetspot – number of visits to the GOAT)) X (current gas mileage of Stan Hatch’s Prius – number of times Rose asks Brian about the new ski order) X (V40 x F31 Violet – ZRXL1)… see.

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