Rose Conquers Americas… Decimates Field and Forest

Mitch of Hell Chainsaw and Destroy!
Mitch of Hell Chainsaw and Destroy!

Chris Rose paced the field as he captured the Conquest of the Americas 5 k Classic Rollerski Race.  Rose took the gold, leaving Jim Kobak with silver and Tom Moffett with Bronze.  European-Americans everywhere celebrated Rose’s big win on their most cherished holiday.  In a fitting tribute to the Puritan work ethic, upon winning the race, Rose immediately took to the woods and began clearing the land.  “What a great day… I felt like Cortez out there, and Kobak and Moffett got their asses kicked like Montezuma.” said a spirited Rose, “…I dedicate today’s win to the plight of Euro-Americans everywhere!”

Tractor and Destroy!!
Tractor and Destroy!!

This race marked the mid-way point in the Peru Nordic Rollerski Series.  Next weekend the series continues on Sunday with the Carnival of Sins Stage Race.

In other news, Peru Nordic took to the trails of MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion for some annual Fall improvements.  The run-out of Snow-Depth Tree Hill was increased, mellowing the turn at the bottom and adding a significant hill.  Downed trees were cleared, and lots of small saplings were lopped.  Joining in on the fun were Chris Rose, Jim Kobak, Tom Moffett, Charlie Mitchell and noted trail “quality control guru” Phil Corell.  Charlie “Mitch of HELL” Mitchell is looking forward to the significant snow that MSS will recieve this Winter. “Jeezum, you bet’cha.”"This is for Euro-Americans Everywhere!"


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